Progressive Games

Progressive games are types of jackpot games, usually slots, wherein a jackpot is made bigger and bigger with each hand played until it is won. Most progressive games are actually played by multiple linked slot machines or video poker machines or else the jackpot is shared around a table in a live casino as such that the jackpot gets bigger, faster with more players playing. In theory, somebody could jump into progressive games and win the jackpot right away on their first hand, or they might not win a hand of progressive blackjack or slots for several hours.

Progressive Games

Progressive Games

The progressive jackpot makes for a whole new dynamic to a game. What’s really interesting about progressive games is that winning the jackpot often operates under different rules than winning a hand of the game.

For instance, in progressive blackjack, it’s not scoring a 21 that wins the jackpot, it’s scoring two consecutive aces or more in a row in the first cards dealt or getting other series of cards or hands dealt based on the particular dealer or casino’s payout chart. Progressive games often turn even a losing hand into a winning hand. Even if the winner of the jackpot doesn’t get blackjack, they still win the jackpot.

Progressive games then offer two chances to win. First by winning a game of poker or blackjack or getting the slots to line up, and second by opting into the progressive jackpot for a big payoff. These jackpot games allow players to play in two different ways in the same game.

For gamers both online and in the casinos, progressive games are a lot of fun and provide more challenge than your typical game of cards or slots. Providing a bigger chance at a payoff and bigger payoffs overall, the progressive jackpots can get up there pretty quick when connected to multiple players. If you’ve never tried your hand at it, it generally only costs an extra dollar per hand to buy into the jackpot. The added fun and possible reward of the progressive game make it a new mainstay of the casino scene.

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