Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack is a variation on the old card game played under Atlantic City blackjack game rules. It’s played roughly the same with a few rule exceptions. For starters, the deck is shuffled after every single hand. This prevents card counting and also keeps the game more interesting. Most other rules are the same, although players are not allowed to draw any more cards over split aces.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack

The basic idea is that in progressive blackjack, the player has the option of making a side bet of a dollar which gives them the chance at additional payouts. After the wager, the player and dealer are dealt their cards and from here a normal blackjack game is played with the dealer and player trying to reach 21 without going over.

The additional one dollar bet qualifies players for a bonus progressive jackpot. The player may only place their dollar bet on the bonus at the beginning of their hand. The bonus is won by players who receive two Aces in a row within their first cards and the amount on the progressive blackjack jackpot gets bigger and bigger with each hand played.

Depending on who you’re playing with and where you’re playing, extra bonuses can be paid out based on the suit and number of aces held in the player’s hand. This will vary depending on the casino or dealer’s payout table, so take a look before placing your dollar.

Theoretically, the jackpot allows progressive blackjack players to make some pretty big payoffs with a one dollar bet. They needn’t even win their hand of blackjack to win the progressive jackpot, they need only place their dollar and play their hand.

This is part of a rising trend in jackpot games. This new wave of progressive games allow players multiple ways to win and multiple ways to play, ensuring a more fun and challenging, not to mention rewarding experience when you sit down for a hand of progressive blackjack.

All of the other rules remain the same, of course. The only real difference to the game is the addition of the progressive jackpot bonuses which can turn even a losing hand into a small fortune.

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